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Linde Material Handling: LT06 - LT20

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Linde Logistic Train LT06 – LT20 (Load Capacity: 600 – 2.000 kg) (Series 1196)

The Linde Logistic Train (LT) is designed to perform as a multi-purpose solution for tightly scheduled internal material flows in modern production plants. This efficient and cost-effective solution allows rapid transfer of loads over long distances. This contributes essentially to the business success in highly demanding, competitive industries. Consequently, a Linde Load-Train solution is not a replacement for a truck, but a logical complement. The optimal combination of the two increases the cost-effectiveness of all industrial trucks employed and lowers overall operating costs. A Logistic Train is a smart interaction of autonomous trailers and offers superb manoeuvrability. Each LT trailer is a clever combination of modularized axles with lifting frame in-between. The LT lifts and carries various undercarriages, those may differ in weight and size. Lifting is operated safely from the tractor (all/single) or from the trailer’s footswitch. Suspensioned wheels, sealed electrical spindles for lifting an backlash-free couplings guarantee a load-protecting, low-noise and low-wear load handling process. The 4-wheel steering offers best in class directional stability. No lurching, even with high load heights. The shallow-design C-frames allow undercarriages to remain in the trailer for re-loading. With its adjustable forks and lifting-profiles it adapts quickly to either existing or the high-class Linde trolleys. An integral drive-lock prevents the tractor moving with lowered lifting units.