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Linde Material Handling: FT08 - FT20

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Neumaier Factory Train FT08 – FT20 (Load Capacity: 800 – 2.000 kg) (Series 8960)

The innovative Factory Train (FT) brings a new dimension to an efficient and safe material flow for production plants. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution that allows for rapid external and internal transfer of loads over long distances. This contributes essentially to the business success in highly demanding, competitive industries. The Factory Train (FT) is a modular load-train that lifts load carriers with rolled-in trolleys above the ground. Fitted with its comfort-class weather protection the load carriers secure the goods from environmental impact and ensures a motivated operator by the strain-free ergonomics while opening or closing the roll-up curtain in upright position. The superb characteristics of the articulated steering system realizes a best in class directional stability. With its supplementary crab steering, it allows a certain side-moving of the train. The product is developed and produced by Neumaier Industry.